Maine: “Vacationland” (until you’ve been arrested)

If your vacation in Maine is interrupted by a misdemeanor charge, do you have to return from out of state to appear in court? Do you have to make work and family arrangements to travel back to Maine for your arraignment?

Maybe not. In Maine, if you are arrested or summonsed on misdemeanor charges (Class D or E), you may hire a criminal defense lawyer to appear on your behalf at your arraignment instead of being in court yourself. For example, if you have been charged with a driving offense like OUI or OAS, or drug possession, or domestic violence assault, your attorney can enter a Not Guilty plea on your behalf, and you won’t incur the time and financial expense of out-of-state travel to Maine for your first court date.

Depending on your charges, you may never need to visit a Maine court. If your charges do not result in a jail sentence, your attorney can handle negotiations with the State on your behalf, and even present your case to the judge, without you being present.

If you have been charged with a crime, contact us. We can help.